65 Official Trailer (2023)

First movie trailer for 65 starring Adam Driver.
First movie trailer for 65 starring Adam Driver.
65 Official Trailer (2023)
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  1. Read all the comments, look how excited and happy people feel about a NEW film, not another remake, not another sequell or spin off, and mostly, not another woke pretentious bs, trying to tell the people how to live.

    This is what people is craving to make them go back to the theaters.

    I hope this will be an amusing scifi film about dinosaurs and space travel, and i don't want to see forced and unnecessary characters or wokeness pretentions in the script.

  2. Who knows how he travels back in time but it would be cool if him colliding with the asteroid in the beginning creates a time loop where he changes the trajectory of said asteroid and as a result, it ends up being the asteroid that hits the earth, causes the extinction of the dinosaurs, paves the way for humans to evolve, and eventually allows his character to once again, launch into space and collide with the asteroid.

  3. I love how they expect " send help" when they are traveling f knows where and who would risk to send help for a bunch of ppl who would probably not survive anyway by the time help arrives, ridiculous

  4. Finally an old fashioned original blockbuster. Not a sequel, not a superhero, not a reboot or remake. Something different and refreshing. I will go and see this especially with Sam Raimi producing it.

  5. Why do trailers continue to use that bloody high pitched whirring and rhythmic thumping sound? It's bloody annoying. I like a ridiculous premise such as this, but the trailer annoyed me.

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