A MAN CALLED OTTO – Official Trailer (HD)

Discover what can happen when you let life in. See Tom Hanks as Otto in #AManCalledOtto, in select theaters Christmas and …
Discover what can happen when you let life in. See Tom Hanks as Otto in #AManCalledOtto, in select theaters Christmas and …
A MAN CALLED OTTO – Official Trailer (HD)
#MAN #CALLED #OTTO #Official #Trailer

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  1. I can’t wait to see this movie! It looks so good!
    Many people say violent movies don’t encourage violence, but I disagree.
    In a world of my imaginings, homes would be filled with only gentle entertainment. I won’t hold my breath, but I’m happy when I see a good movie released!

  2. I was pleasantly surprised because this movie was amazing ❤️ There was laughter and tears but most of all it was heartwarming. Tom Hanks and all the other actors gave wonderful performances. If you get the opportunity, definitely watch this movie, you won't be disappointed. Cheers 🥂

  3. Otto was obviously copied from a Swedish film ("A man called Ove") from a few years back with.exactly the same story line
    Tom Hanks must need a new paycheck.

  4. I've read Fredrick Beckman's a man called ove, and could say only one word after reading – beautiful. But I could not watch the movie.
    Now I am so excited to witness Tom hanks playing ove. This will certainly be an interesting watch.

  5. This has to be the most vapid silly firlm in decades. Question: why was it made? Is it that Tom Hanks has such a huge ego that he thinks any movie-even a POS like this one–will be successful if he is in it? Can't we do better as a society than to spend untold amounts of money on this type of crap. Shameful.

  6. Most misleading trailer ever. 💔 If you don’t already know the story (which I did not).

    I love Hanks, always.

    This was trailered before PG/12A films in the UK and I was surprised when it was certified 15 (couldn’t take my 14 year old son). Now I get it….

  7. Saw it yesterday. I thought he was just grumpy, I didnt know he was SUICIDAL . I feel like this movie needs a warning label for what it really is, I would have waited to see it.

  8. This feels like the perfect setup for 'Burbs 2 without the horror comedy elements of course. Old Tom is on his summer vacation again, older and more grumpy than ever..

  9. The original was fantastic its sad that the education levels of Americans has fallen so low that they cant read subtitles on foreign films and have to do remakes and thus destroy what was a great story and film. Skip this rubbish and seek out the original it will have you laughing and crying. (tom hanks acting is like a wooden spoon anyway)

  10. Worst thing ever/ I couldn't make it 20 mins. Listening to Otto complain about everything he see's is brutal. How's that suppose to be entertaining? Grumpy old men aren't fun watching

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