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    This film was a train wreak. Drone footage ever 3rd shot, mindless boring car chases, not one line of dialog was funny/interesting/insightful…just yelling, screaming and pointless flashback scenes.

    Movie is about 2 brothers: One dies, one goes to jail for the rest of his life…the end. (Oh and they yell and scream alot….it was Oscar worthy…not)

    Movie should have been about: The women in the Ambulance, her character was the only one with the most minimal amount of development. None the less the film should have been and focuses on her.

    Action: Michael Bay put me to sleep with Transformers II…so much action i lost interest after 2 hours and had another hour to go. Hes the only director to make an action movie boring and dull.

    Drone Footage: Every 3rd shot is a drone shot…and its awful. Clearly made for people who suffer from 3 min attention spans.

    Side Characters: Boring….zzzz

    Music: There was music?

    Re-watchablity: I want my 2 hours back from watching it this one time (Ive seen "The Rock" "Armageddon" and "Transformers I" and "Pearl Harbor" all at least 25x each) So i enjoy Bays films…up till T1

    Recommend instead: If you like Jake, for peat sake watch "Night Crawler!" There is an amazing Character in LA with amazing Action! That will knock your socks off! Not this mindless BS

  2. Just watched this movie and I can't believe it was made last year. Man i thought this was from the 2000s.
    The stroyline, the editing and even the stunt doubles look like it's the amateur stage of Bay and Gyllenhaall's career💀

  3. This movie was like Heat and Speed mixed together with a bit of 2 fast 2 furious maybe lol. A bit cheesy and over the top but I'd give it an 8/10 overall. Really enjoyed watching it from start to finish

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  5. Betrayer movie how can a Nigga killed his childhood brother like the only brother he got just to save a cop… I feel sad for Danny he lost his life trying to get a vengeance for the crazy brother he thought he got …. I really learned a lot Danny loved him but all he ever shows him is he thinks Danny is evil … no love in the world mehhhn

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