Andor | Official Trailer | Disney+

Watch the new trailer for #Andor, a Star Wars original series, streaming only on Disney+. Experience the three-episode premiere …
Watch the new trailer for #Andor, a Star Wars original series, streaming only on Disney+. Experience the three-episode premiere …
Andor | Official Trailer | Disney+
#Andor #Official #Trailer #Disney

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  1. Flimsy plotline at one point——if they really just send convicts to another area to keep working when they're released, they would tell everyone else that no one gets released, and eventually, all the sections would know………the old convicts in each section would have informed everyone.

  2. I get now why star wars fanboys are so hurt and angry at this show. Because this makes the original trilogy of Star Wars look like pg-13 children’s movie. It is based on Cassian Andor (who’s not white) and the earliest days of the rebellion and there’s no Darth Vader. This show i think is the best star wars out there. It’s compelling, dark, atmospheric and probably the best representation of oppression by the empire in the star wars universe. Kudos to the makers.

  3. I finally watched this and have to say what a great job they did , I was worried after the terrible Kenobi series and boba fett but this is awesome and there are no Jedi's or desert planets

  4. A lot of wanted to be acting, talking, theories, i’m not seeing any good work with Andor. Making money
    So hard to find good movies, or series. ‘Nobody’
    Is a good choice!!

  5. It's ironic that the best thing to come out of Disney since Rogue One is… a spinoff of Rogue One.

    Everything else is ridiculously bad by comparison. Even Filoni/Favreau's work. I don't even care what happens to The Mandalorian after 'The Scribbles of Fredo Fett'.

  6. this is handsdown the best star wars .. dark.. moody ..great acting ..and beliveable world building…and awesome story !!! and as adopted child i really can emphazies with andors reasoning and behavior ..

  7. Not surprised that Andor is the best Star Wars story ever told. It is an offshoot of the best Star Wars movie to date called Rogue One. Rogue One and Andor are the only reasons why I still consider myself a Star Wars fan after seeing the hot garbage known as The Force Awakens, The Last Jedi, and The Rise of Skywalker. I can't wait for season 2! I want so bad to see my favorite droid ever K2SO and Cassian cross paths for the first time!

  8. It's awesome for the rebels that with all the space-age technology the Empire has, they never figured out how to create facial recognition software………or this series would have ended a lot sooner.

  9. Just watched this, didn't even know it was out…didn't miss anything either this is not Star Wars. Just another political tv drama in another jacked. No jedi no force no lightsabers just take away all the magic that made Star wars….so its just Star trek.

  10. while i enjoy the series it feels a bit off. generally after watching first 4 episodes it doesnt feel like start wars more like Star Trek. cast is not so convincing. and some actors very brits (?) accent doest really play into my star wars world. i wonder if anyone agrees with any of those points.

  11. Cassain andor the worse character on this show who by far ruined the star wars series, to start his English is atrocious by God who cast this guy seriously can understand what the hell his saying it's like his mumbling or still drunk from the night before, but oh well just throw it out there who cares. Another unwatchable show.

  12. Thought this would be just another cookie cutter Disney TV show but It's stunningly good.

    Screw whoever's making the star wars films and give us more of this please!

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