Andor | Official Trailer | Disney+

All for the Rebellion. Watch the brand-new trailer for #Andor, an Original series from Star Wars, and experience the three-episode …
All for the Rebellion. Watch the brand-new trailer for #Andor, an Original series from Star Wars, and experience the three-episode …
Andor | Official Trailer | Disney+
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  1. 8/10 overall. Two points—
    1. He would never have known the guy was there to kill him at the end. Him "guessing that" and telling Leuthen in the ship was nonsense.
    2. They tried to make the blonde girl look athletic as she was running toward the bombing site in Ep 12, but she just looked really slow, like 6.5 forty yard dash time. Fail.

  2. Definitely the weakest of the trailers. The music used for the first half is way too overused at this point with the music in the second half being too quiet and not very exciting for a trailer. Also, some of the choices for dialogue are rather misleading (Main culprit being "At what cost? EVERYTHING!"). Overall just makes the show look a bit bland imo. And it doesn't help that the other trailers are so great!

  3. If you could make a show like this why did you turn Obi Wan to a such a terrible disaster. One of the best things ever made about Star Wars. We needed something like this to recover after seeing something so terribly bad like Obi Wan.

  4. Ah wow, seems my predictions, my observations, that optimism and faith, all paid off! And at that, I hope your trust in me was fulfilled my friends. I love to say I told you so! Watching my comment age like fine makes me so happy. I'm laughing at those who doubted me right now, but also happy they've been proven wrong for the sake of all of us. God bless Gilroy and everyone else behind this masterpiece!

  5. By far the best thing to come out of SW franchise. Finally something SW that isn't still stuck in the 70s/80s. No more silly one liners, overly dramatic music and obnoxious side kicks. I hope this continues.

  6. I made a mistake. I gave this series a chance just two days ago…and now I binged watched all 11 episodes before I knew what happened. It sucks you in so easily. The best I can describe it is "What if Star Wars had real people in it?" No light sabers vs. hundreds of droids, no thousands of star destroyers rising from the planet surface…just real world building with plausible people. That's all we want. We want to watch Star Wars without having to say "Oh C'mon".

  7. This series exhibits a grand production with wonderful acting and cinematic achievements. It may have been a little deep in the storyline trying to keep up, however, but overall is still an amazing series production.

  8. "Star Wars Andor" puts pretty much every other series around, including the mediocre "House Of The Dragon" and the awful "The Rings Of Power", to shame, in pretty much all aspects. Message to Disney and Lucasfilm for whatever it is worth; if you want to aim for something, aim for "Andor" in terms of the quality of your programming. "Andor" is the perfect distillation of what creativity, talent, imagination and commitment can do. Too bad few seem to recognize that fact…

  9. Over the past few weeks we have had a Marvel show , a Star Wars show and show based on Lord of the Rings and I have not bothered to watch any of them . Ten years ago that would have seemed unimaginable to me .

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