AVATAR 2 – NEW FINAL TRAILER (2022) 20th Century Studios | Disney+

Avatar2 #AvatarTheWayOfWater #20thCenturyStudios Hey, this is our ‘New Final Trailer’ concept for James Cameroon’s AVATAR …
Avatar2 #AvatarTheWayOfWater #20thCenturyStudios Hey, this is our ‘New Final Trailer’ concept for James Cameroon’s AVATAR …
AVATAR 2 – NEW FINAL TRAILER (2022) 20th Century Studios | Disney+
#AVATAR #FINAL #TRAILER #20th #Century #Studios #Disney

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  1. I will watch it, but this naive enthusiasm kind of upest me, every body talks about the 'graphics' not the plot or the story, the meaning etc….

    Only easy buyers.

  2. Well, according to Cameron, men are the problem. If I'm the problem, I'll go ahead and just stay home and let the "superior" women go see this movie then. Good luck hitting those much needed box office numbers chumps.

  3. Wasn't believable. Happy family and a wife wife that many kids from the same dude is very rare in the west. No representation here. I could of related more if All the kids had different baby daddies and she collected child support from all of them. She would be living in the great tree and all the men were working out in the forest living in huts

  4. I personally feel that this movie is a disppointment. No doubt the visuals and graphics are good probably better than the first. It didnt surprise me in terms of the whole plot. It's a normal storyline which is mostly predictable and not much of suspense.

  5. Words cannot describe how phenomenal this movie was. I will say I did enjoy the plot of the original Avatar more, Howe ver the CGI and underwater scenes were absolutely breathtaking in Avatar 2.

  6. The whole story is a lie, 99% of the movie teaches us Way of Peace water, then in last minute he said only War can protect your family. So the water way is bullshxt

  7. Seen it today twice ..the best movie ever! The visual effects were amazing…storyline great…. fantastic film. 13 years worth the wait!!! I'm going to see it the rest of the weekend as well lol at least 3 more times.

  8. Boring no plot. A movie about environmental issues who costed who knows how much probably you could feed a city with that money for who knows how long.
    People now driving with their oil/I wanna be electric cars to see it.. the electricity for rendering properly could light up a n'other city for half a yer if not longer. A movie who desperately try's to show how bad "Homo sapiens" are made with Chinese technology.. Though I bet the Chinese regime is happy as it shows bad bad Marines…
    Shiny Hollywood propaganda garbage at its best.

  9. Prediction – Avatar 3 or 4 will be called The Way of Fire as Cameron makes his way around the 4 elements. First one is earth and air. The next one might still be sea. I predict the Sully's will go to the mountains and volcanoes of Pandora where Ayay's one of 4 eyes shines in a climatic volcanic eruption. Perhaps we see Cameron's take on Pandora like dragons and Skypeople returning with more dangerous flying machines. Would be amazing to have snowscapes and furry creatures and mountain cultures.

  10. Just watched. I have to confense. It is a really good movie, the special effects are amazing and the family theme is something new, especially because in the first was about the guy who discoveres a better world. Also, it is introducing a new Na'vi race with other ways and the character has to learn new things if he wants to live with them. I already want the third part.

  11. It is a pretty good movie as you would expect very good visuals, action/underwater scenes were amazing and all the new characters were actually likable. But the plot was kinda lame I'd like to know how many trillions of dollars it would take to get from earth to this planet or moon they are on and then get smoked by a bunch of unarmored blue aliens that can be killed by single bullet from assault rifle. Would it even be worth it? What about the whale brains 80 million for a tube would not even be profitable hell the bulldozer thing they got probably costs about half that to build and then the cost of fueling that thing.
    They should have shown longer shots of the aircraft taking off and landing not just show a 10 to 15 second scene of the humans boarding/take off and next scene the aircraft is already landed and completely off you could tell it looked like a studio set up for those scenes.
    I seen the movie in 3D and imo didn't think it was worth it sure there were some really cool scenes here and there and the underwater parts were some of the best parts but I think I would have had a better experience seeing it 2D. Overall I would give this movie a solid 8/10 I wouldn't care for a third movie I would rather see James Cameron work on Alita part 2.

  12. just finished watching this and it was worth the wait… It's been 13 years, amazing movie totally recommend watching it, the new character and beautiful creatures and a lot of plot twist…. And i have a crush on the older brother hehe

  13. 📌 Avatar: The Way of Water (2022) 🎥 full movie

    23:23 Son unos de los mejores movieshub.uno

    los mejores conciertos.

    10:10 Hopi:


    11:12 Sun:


    00:18 Joonie:


    18:00 Yoongy:


    23:21 Son unos de los mejores conciertos mañas no se la

    Las elecciones cinematográficas y artísticas son brillantes qxmg. Referencias culturales europeas realmente interesantes.

    Ojalá la cultura europea se representara más a menudo tan puedo dejar de decir ''oh, esto es hermoso'' a lo largo del video. Luz, en serio… el que se encargue de la

  14. MASSIVE PLOT HOLE: So we need to kill the whales for immortality despite the fact we already have immortality – we can make living avatars and download our brains into them, effective making us immortal, if this body dies we just download into another – dumb. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  15. I see too many people are now imagine to go this movie type place after watching this movie. Really guys God wants to give us that place which is out of our human imagine it's clearly written in Bible only we have to follow what God told us in Bible those who wants to go that place.

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