BULLET TRAIN – Official Trailer 2 (HD)

Just get off the train. Easy, right? Watch the new trailer for #BulletTrainMovie, starring Brad Pitt, exclusively in movie theaters …
Just get off the train. Easy, right? Watch the new trailer for #BulletTrainMovie, starring Brad Pitt, exclusively in movie theaters …
BULLET TRAIN – Official Trailer 2 (HD)
#BULLET #TRAIN #Official #Trailer

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  1. First half of movie is totally confusing. Can’t figure what’s going on. Second half picks up drastically! Brad Pitt did a great job. Actors accents were so heavy it was often hard to understand what they were saying. I will have to watch again to figure out everything I missed first time.

  2. Bullet Train is a train wreck of a movie, pun intended. It fails on just about every level a movie can fail, but for the acting. Dark humor of that nature, via movies such as Snatch (another movie Brad Pitt was in), Fargo, Raising Arizona, are difficult to pull off well. When they work, per the aforementioned movies, they work well. When they don't, such as Very Bad Things, Throw Mama From The Train, and Bullet Train, they don't work at all. If anything, dark humor is the most difficult to pull off well, and Bullet Train fails spectacularly. It's not funny, the action is cartoonish nonsense, the dialogue ranges from occasionally funny, to idiotic, and the violence more gratuitous than part of the story. When dark humor of this genre fails it usually does so because it's trying to hard to be dark humor, and this movie screams "this is dark humor viewers!" and it's not. There's very little to like about this film, and It gets a D- vs an F due to the solid acting from actors who did the best they could with what they were given. D-

  3. brutal bad movie. They tried for humor – didn't work. The action – didn't work. They tried to be clever – didn't work. The dialogue was absolutely comical, but not in a funny way. Bad movie.

  4. Ok, comments my wife stated after watching this: "I wish I had my hour & 40 minutes back" "It'll make you want to take a bullet train to the head" & "I'd rather rip out a hemorrhoid than watch it again" to name a few. Best part of watching it was her responses lol

  5. Wish I could give this movie a zero star rating. After 35 minutes of watching it at a theater, we ask for a refund which was granted…along with an explanation that the theater employees had not heard ONE good thing about the movie and that we were NOT the first to complain about it. SIMPLY REDICULOUS film tries to be cool and edgy.

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