Cocaine Bear – Official Trailer

In cinemas soon. Follow us on Facebook at… Find us on Instagram at …
In cinemas soon. Follow us on Facebook at… Find us on Instagram at …
Cocaine Bear – Official Trailer
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  1. I looked up this trailer because I saw the movie poster at work. I totally thought that "cocaine bear" was going to be a metaphor for some big guy, that either does, or sells a lot of cocaine. I was dead wrong

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  3. Is this forrreal? Wow. In our cult of society we’ll get to a point where Kim Kardashian bounces her ass and Brad Pitt stares in the camera for 75 minutes and Donald Trump says “I’m the best, best, sir….SIR…..sir, I’m the best, the greatest, the biggest, the most orangest, perfect, amazing, the best” and it’ll gross 1B opening weekend. Weird stuff.

  4. The Part When The Cocaine Bear Spoke And Said This Cocaine Is 99.1% And Walter Black Said You Goddamn Right My Theater Went Wild Truly The Theater Experience of All Time

  5. The Bear actually did 90kgs of Coke and ran around losing his shit for like a few mins before the massive OD hit and he died. Poor thing. Kinda wish this happened instead. Yes, I'm a horrible human being. Bite me.

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