DEVOTION – Official Trailer (HD)

Meet the ones who made history in America’s forgotten war. #DevotionMovie is exclusively in movie theaters this November.
Meet the ones who made history in America’s forgotten war. #DevotionMovie is exclusively in movie theaters this November.
DEVOTION – Official Trailer (HD)
#DEVOTION #Official #Trailer

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  1. Jesse was my grandfather's nephew. My grandfather was so proud of him. He always told us about him when we were kids. He would have been so proud to see that they made a movie about him. In total, my family has over 300 years of military service including my grandfather and Jesse. May they all rest in peace.

  2. I genuinely can not stand Hollywood and avoid going to the movies, but this trailer captivated me. Being an aviation enthusiast, I knew who it was about and what occurred, prior to seeing it. That being said, this was one of the best movies I have ever seen! Very well done and I will possibly go again, while it's still in theatres.

  3. Finally! I have waited decades for a movie like this to come out.
    The very first movie about a black person in the U.S. armed forces. This is so important that finally a black actor was given a role in a big Hollywood production.
    It's so important for young black kids to see themselves on the screen. Now they can dream of going to war themselves. I'm literally shaking right now.

  4. I have read the book and can honestly say that it was a great read. Adam Makos did a superb job writing the story. Unfortunately from watching this trailer, I fear that the movie will overshadow the entire story with racism and how hard it was for black aviators, obviously the Navy saw its flaw in not allowing them to fly and corrected it. However, this looks like the typical Hollywood version of events where they don't focus on the Navy correcting the problem and showing a true story of friendship between a black and white man but rather focus on how bad white people are constantly and how the black man can't get anywhere in life because of it………….but yet there he is flying an aircraft in the navy alongside whites. All I'm saying is that the showing of racism should be a small part of the movie, but focus on the friendship of the pilots and how amazing this story is in itself. No matter what the pilot's colors are. I don't get that vibe from this trailer, but I may still go and watch the movie. My suggestion would be to read the book first. Makos is an amazing writer.

  5. I know a Korean War F4U pilot, see him at McDonald’s several times per week. He told me he wasn’t going to see this movie, he said the black aviators in his squadron were treated the same and Hollywood was putting a twist on the true reality.

  6. Yep you can tell liberals are running the movie industry.. 😒 keep pushing these movies about how horrible the white man was and is and this racial hate will never subside!! All I have to say on this

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