Dungeons & Dragons: Honor Among Thieves | Official Trailer (2023 Movie)

Who needs heroes when you have thieves? Watch the NEW trailer for Dungeons & Dragons: Honor Among Thieves and get …
Who needs heroes when you have thieves? Watch the NEW trailer for Dungeons & Dragons: Honor Among Thieves and get …
Dungeons & Dragons: Honor Among Thieves | Official Trailer (2023 Movie)
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  1. You know what I would love to believe?

    If the writers actually played a session, created their characters and started the journey first, after that, write the experience down and turn that whole thing into this movie.

    You could make fucking endless adventures with it, hell just collect some of the most accomplished Dungeon Masters and just create an adventure, it would make just an incredible saga of D&D movies.

  2. Now this looks a LOT better than that first movie with the D&D name!
    Not just in terms of effects either. This is presented as an actual campaign! And it uses a range of the party archetypes. And it appears to have good writing executed by actors who don't think they're in a melodrama!
    "He also plays the lute" LOL!

  3. aside from the typical movie trailer tropes I'll be honest it doesn't look all that bad. certainly not ground breaking but I was actually able to appreciate some things in this and seems like it will be a fairly enjoyable movie atleast hopefully. my expectations were pretty low but i've certainly seen FAR WORSE trailers for movies from popular properties so. That being said if this does end up being decent i wouldn't be surprised if the sequel would be much better, I dunno why i just have that feeling when looking at this

  4. they gonna need :
    thief : white male

    thiefling with literal demonic ancestry : white female
    strenght : shows an non white woman.
    Courage : shows a black guy
    Not to mention the fucking black elf. Wtf is with all elves being fucking black in all fantasy movies nowadays ?

    Lovely. definetly no politically charged at all i see

    Seriously , u have the chance to make such a fucking diverse cast of heroes , with so many fictional races , and instead u're looking at real life diversity ? Just make them all different fictional races ffs. Even the fucking thiefling barely looks thiefling. Give her a darker tone or something at least. Make the "strong woman" a half orc or something , and so on. This looks like shit

  5. Human Bard is a pretty standard thing, not always, but it's a pretty common thing.
    Human, or possibly Half-Elf, Barbarian. Kinda hard to tell, but during the Slow spell she looks to have pointed ears, but small ones, but that might just be the camera angle.
    Elf Sorcerer. I don't think Wizard, because I didn't see a spellbook, but it may just be under his cloak.
    Human or Aasimar Paladin. Class is obvious, but also is very hard pushing the anti-evil angle here. Awesome sword through, shooting the blade and becoming a dagger.
    Tiefling Druid is cute and asks the important questions. She may be an Elf, since I know in Dragon Prince the Elves have horns, but I thought I saw a tail too, which makes me believe Tiefling.

  6. I'm getting a sort of Army of Darkness vibe to this movie. Looks interesting for sure! And Michelle looks AMAZING in the leather all tatted up!!!

  7. I did want to see this until I found out Michael Rodriguez was in it. I can't stand her, she ruins everything she's in. She will play billy bad ass and the men will play bumbling idiots as always .

  8. This movie looks really cool but my only gripe is that the cast seems to be entirely humans or some form of one when d and d has so many creative races like Dragonborn’s Tieflings and half orcs is just seems having a cast of all humans seems a little wasted I dunno maybe I’m wrong I’m just a guy on the internet

  9. I ran a bard back in the 80s, was always called useless too. Lol

    Until I wasnt. My bag of holding always came in handy.

    There better be a bag of holding. With a Rod of Lordly Might in it. Not so useless then. Lol

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