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  1. Want to watch this at some point. Read the book over a hundred times. I wonder if this version will include all of Charlie's powers (in the book she has aspects of both her parents' original powers (psychic influence/mind reading and telekinesis).

  2. Trailer was good,should have just watched it on a loop for an hour an half,rather than watch the boring film,it was like one of the sleep things on you tube,try to stay awake!Fire starter,should have called it soggy match.

  3. Need to come out with a part 2 called firer-starter,after burn. When she free the other experiments from other facilities, battling out of control experiments born in labs…. Sounds amazing right? I started it now just to get it done.

  4. I was out for a walk one day and unknowingly happened upon the shoot for this movie, the exterior of the school. The fire truck could be from the local FD but whether the firefighters are extras or actual FD members I don't know. Our firefighters don't have names one their gear.

  5. You ever know that a movie is more of a prophecy about you .. this is me phoneninal… I'm already in their imaginary cave. Silver peak Nevada the trailer that got struck by lightning was because my dad got mad and scared me and the fire came down from heaven and ate the house. Many times I been her and not known. It's documented. I guess I shouldn't have been such an offensive trespassing child for a little whorehound candy in my own house in goldfield Nevada. Science and God.. hmmm who wins?

  6. I almost was gonna see this at the Oxford drive in. After Jurassic World dominion played we left as soon this was starting. 1 day later I watched it and it was pretty bad.

    Howcome they played this after sonic 2 at the mustang drive in

  7. Just got done watching this latest version. I'm sorry but it's terrible. I don't blame the actors. They did the best they could do considering the story line. Love the book and the original movie.

  8. Missing all the heart from the 1984 movie. David Keith felt like a troubled father who loved his daughter, Zac seemed borderline emotionally abusive in this. Rainbird was completely botched despite a great show by Greyeyes. Special Effects looked like they were done by Syfy which after the climax of the 1984 when she showed some of the creative ways she could blast things… Total fail, just go watch the original. As dated as the original is by now, it holds up better than this dialtone of a movie. It will at least stick with you this one fades almost immediately after watching except for the parts you wish you could forget. Unnecessary animal cruelty to make her look like a future serial killer.

  9. What the fuck is this abomination? I am sick of assholes that can't leave a good thing alone. I'm glad to have experienced the only best and original Firestarter with George C. Scott, David Keith, Martin Sheen, and the lovely little girl who we know as Drew Barrymore – top shelf actors in the hand of a top rated Director – Dino DeLarentus.
    Get your fuckings hands off the classic and do something original, otherwise you're just a wanna be behind a camera.

  10. Hollywood: How many remake's do we really need
    Can't writers and Studios come up with NEW and Never before seen stuff.
    Obviously NOT!!!!
    Hollywood Sucks
    It's Remake & Rehash or WOKE !

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