First Look | NBC's Night Court

Court is back in session with the all-new Night Court! Get a first look at the NBC comedy that premieres Tuesday, 1/17 at 8/7c with …
Court is back in session with the all-new Night Court! Get a first look at the NBC comedy that premieres Tuesday, 1/17 at 8/7c with …
First Look | NBC's Night Court
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  1. Just don't "modernize" it! Use the ingredients that made this show successful & leave the political/social comment OUT! People want to be entertained. NOT preached to.

  2. I just watched the pilot and the second episode, I really enjoyed it, looks like they might have a winner here can't wait for the next episode to air. Very seldom a spin off, has as much laughs, also the writing is very good, I think this shows is going to be successful.

  3. I am not a fan of Big bang theory humor, which this certainly is based on.. the lines are to fast and seem so intentional and she is just not funny, well just not that funny to me.

  4. A show about a courtroom in New York these days should just show a room with a revolving door in it. The prisoner walks in and walks right back out. This show is going to be a woke disaster. There is no way Dan Fielding can be the character he once was. And even if he was who wants to see a sleazy old man? He’ll probably be a woke feminist now.

  5. Oh thank you Melissa for bringing your actual voice to the show. It premieres tomorrow, but you have some seriously heavy shoes to fill. I hope the show holds to the spirit, heart and love of the original show. I can still watch the original show, believe how hooky it is, but still laugh at the silly jokes, puns and action. Please, show Harry, Markie, Paula, Charles, Selma, Florence and even Mel Torme the respect they deserve by being as committed as they were. May they all rest in peace.

  6. I have a theory I just thought of. What if Abby's mother is Margaret? Maybe she found out she was pregnant after she went into Witness protection, so she couldn't tell him. Maybe after the show ended, her case had been solved, so she was able to leave Witness protection, and they got back together?

  7. You can tell just by this clip, that none of what made the original so endearing, is present. It's gonna be typical network paint by numbers writing with obviously forced jokes, many likely rehashed from the original, because today's sitcom writers, for the most part, are lazy. I love John, but he's not enough to make me want to even attempt to watch this.

  8. I don't know it just doesn't feel right maybe after watching it a couple of episodes of change my mind right now it just doesn't look like it's going to be any good I'm sorry this is some shows that shouldn't be remade

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