Generation Zero 2022 Trailer

Generation Zero is a stealth-action shooter where you wage guerilla warfare against lethal mechanical enemies. Explore a vast …
Generation Zero is a stealth-action shooter where you wage guerilla warfare against lethal mechanical enemies. Explore a vast …
Generation Zero 2022 Trailer
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  1. The open world was incredible but it was so empty. The hoses and bunkers were all the same after a while. The sound design of the weapons was excellent. The story however went from interesting to crap in the end.
    Overall a 5/10 game.

  2. Hey devs. I got some issues for Xbox. Mainly bugs that need fixed for you guys.
    1. Coop, when I load into a friend's game it always says error code (0x00000001) failed to join multiplayer session or session is full… Even though it's just him in the game
    2 bug I've noticed is when you ride the motorcycle. After like 45 seconds in while riding it I freeze and the game crashes,. My internet is completely fine but I think your servers cause me to crash a lot? Idk. Just pointing out to you guys what I've noticed! Thanks for a really awesome game! Love the building mechanics. Oh. And also if you guys could make a way to get wood easily. That would be cool. Thanks again if you read this

  3. i got this game back when the only dlc was those summer outfit, it's changed so much compared to then, if you have a game started to experience the new stuff added in(like more npcs then the ones from the island dlc) you have to start a new world, but everything carries over

  4. You guys seriously need to do something about the mission “a wrench in the works” I left the bunker but it still thinks I haven’t left and the exploding sounds just do not stop and I cannot progress through the game, not only is it annoying but brings me immense disappointment since most of your updates you have to pay for but you can’t fix a game “breaking” bug like this.

  5. I've been playing this game since year 1 on ps4, recently got it on pc, probably one of my favorite games, though after you complete all the missions it does get a little boring just constantly killing shit

  6. I bought this day one. In fact I had to order it online in order to get it on Disc for my PS4 Pro. It has seen many patches and DLC story expansions and I have enjoyed it. The only thing I'm waiting for is the end game. I'm crossing my fingers that there is going to be a last story DLC. There is a section up top that hasn't been opened up yet. And bring the conclusion on Wether or not humanity wins or loses.

  7. A real sleeper this game.

    If the devs were to ever move onto creating a sequel, not much would need to be done I think. Just polishing some of the Ui's (Fewer clicks to get to storage, recycling, weapons addons, missions, maps, logs, that sort of thing) adding some enemy behaviors for difficulty scaling and making robots more dangerous indoors. That's the key weakness I find is that you run inside and they're basically helpless. I expect though that is due to the difficulty of larger bots to path inside houses. But larger bots in (or simply blasting through) houses would be crazy.

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