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  1. '"Halloween 3'" & "Halloween 5'" are better than this piece of shite! This movie is awful! Such a disappointment. You don't see THE SHAPE until 40 minutes into the movie !!!!!

  2. How this trailer is a bigh f*** LIE. Michael is barely in the movie, it is about a random kid and a useless dumb girl. All the scenes in this trailer is from the last 20 minutes of the movie. The film was a pure garbage.

  3. I like Halloween ends it wasn't a bad movie and it's not the worst movie of 2022 the only worst it was a bad movie of 2022 is jeepers creepers reborn because has a big fat goose egg on rotten tomatoes like nobody doesn't fucking care about jeepers creepers it's already a piece of shit because of jeepers creepers 3 just sucked

  4. Jeepers creepers reborn was a piece of shit and was the worst movie of 2022 I didn't see it I wanna watch the first jeepers creepers from 2000 and watch the second one and not the third and not the remake I want to just watch Halloween ends it was good it was OK for some people IGN gave it six means OK I was just watching more than jeepers creepers reborn more like jeepers creepers go to hell and never come back like

  5. If you don't like this movie, it's fine, your opinions are totally valid, but, throwing hate to it every single time on social media, and throwing hate to an actor (Rohan Camobell/Corey) it's just ridiculousl!

    Personally, I loved ENDS and also Corey becomes one of my favorite characters in the whole franchise, the actor was great on his performance.. I'm more than happy with that ending, my girl Laurie FINALLY had her happy ending killing Michael once and for all, and Jamie Lee Curtis acting performance was GREAT as always.

    Loved the soundtrack by John Carpenter and also the beautiful cinematography. The only thing, in that case, the only scene that I didn't liked about this film was when Corey steals Michael's mask, but overall I LOVED IT

    ENDS It's top 4 on my personal ranking after H78, H18 and Kills'

    This timeline is the best Halloween timeline, specially Halloween (2018), that's the best sequel to the original in my opinion and my second favorite in the franchise.

    H18 made me love even more this franchise.

    Halloween II (1981) is great too, a great sequel.

    The only Halloween movies that I care about are:

    Halloween (1978)
    Halloween II (1981)
    Halloween (2018)
    Halloween Kills
    Halloween Ends

    I can't wait for my Blu ray copy for my collection. ❤️

  6. I was honestly expecting a Laurie vs Michael movie but I really liked what we got and I do wish there were more Laurie and Michael moments but I loved the way it was.

  7. I just want to write that my son said that the year 2028 will be the 50th anniversary of the Halloween franchise. He said that they should make another Halloween trilogy and maybe they can release them in theatres three years in a row and then there will be 16 Halloween films when the 50th anniversary of the Halloween franchise happens in the year 2028. My said he's positive that most Halloween fans would love to see a new Halloween trilogy get released in theatres three years in a row by the year 2028..

  8. How cool would HALLOWEEN 🎃 been if Michael Myers was simply a serial killer, preying on random babysitters rather than targeting Laurie Strode? Just because she was great in the original didn't mean they had to keep Laurie tied to the sequels. This eventually led to Michael and Laurie being "siblings" in the storyline we know now. This is what ruined the franchise for me. If they made Myers just a serial killer. And every new Halloween movie meant a new babysitter being stalked. This would terrorize the audience because it's realistic and horrifying. Not just having Jaime Lee Curtis forced to be tied to the Myers timeline. 👎

    Also because of this. We lost a lot of potential movie sequels. Example: Halloween H20 and Halloween 2018 by David Gordon Green. Those two movies had a huge gap with Michael Myers practically doing nothing for 20 and 40 years. 👎
    When they could've made Myers terrorize the town is Haddonfield every Halloween. And the character was young. Halloween 1978 by John Carpenter. He still would've been a successful Boogeyman. But because of Laurie Strode and having her involved it was hard to incorporate a storyline that made sense (IMO). This caused jumping years and making Myers a grandpa. 🤦🤷

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