Harry & Meghan | Official Trailer 2 | Netflix

Harry & Meghan. The Netflix Global event continues December 15. Harry & Meghan Volume I: Now Streaming Volume II: …
Harry & Meghan. The Netflix Global event continues December 15. Harry & Meghan Volume I: Now Streaming Volume II: …
Harry & Meghan | Official Trailer 2 | Netflix
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  1. I love the fact that people have time to be so rude, funny thing they werent the only 2 that spoke up, Diana did too. BUT because dear royalty doesnt make statements regarding this, the full true story will never come out, never in my life have i seen more perfect humans than the royals it would be nice to know the darker side for once. The stories never add up anywhere, and some of these blanks even Harry states make sense. Before we wake up to judge, we should hear it all dont you think?

  2. Episode 3/4
    Ridiculous and irrelevant involvement in British culture and the Empire.

    A personal interpretation of 500 years of empire,by middle class black and Indian British nationals, presumably used to fill time and self justify mass immigration after 1945.
    Just keep to the script, Markel's corrupt father and the ridiculous pretend innocence and naivety of markel herself.- had to research the British national anthem,Good God, ( the US have the same song but changed the words) surprised that crowds gathered for their wedding etc.
    It's all turned to dust.

    M Markel herself seems a very nice person,but stuck her hooter into things best left alone.
    As far as the commonwealth is concerned ,they can leave,but don't come back for the grants and subsidies.

  3. I think Netflix should be liable for this series. It’s not a documentary. Bouzy has a checkered past, doesn’t hold the credentials he talks about and has been linked to a trolling campaign against William and Catherine. It wasn’t that hard to find out, so why didn’t Netflix do their homework? Maybe because they thought this garbage would sell? Nothing is backed up, it’s boring as hell and how incredibly disrespectful to a woman that serves 70 years dedicating her life to her country, to charity and worked more hours in the day than anyone

  4. I love the part how Black Twitter is saying Meghan Markle has never identified as Black and has no real black friends except the superficial race-baiting celebrity ones she picked up at her wedding with Harry. My left eye shed 1 tear when the Black community watched the Netflix Series and found Harry and Meghan fake blacks. No diversity, no black friends, no black family except 1 mother. Meghan Markle is racist against Blacks.

  5. I also love the part where all the messages on here are so obviously in cahoots to trash Meghan
    All of you start with. “I love the part …………”
    You all harassed Diana to death and now you do it to Meghan
    There is no love in any of you fools
    I hope Meghan reads this

    I love you Meghan and Harry

  6. Twitter says there was no organized troll effort to bring down Meghan as they claimed. There was no bot army. Christopher Bouzy was investigated and found to have no programming or AI experience plus flimsy work history. Check out Nate the Lawyer on the topic.

  7. I love the part where it ends, and the credits role. So I'm told.
    I predict Divorce. Andrew 2.0.
    Andy….he's chillin' now. Pressure off.
    Christ…it's like the Godfather family.

  8. Some….many, I believe, would call them traitors. Not my words, but I can understand that they are seen as such. I would suggest they be stripped of all status. Conduct unbecoming.
    Megahan: Get thee straight to video.

  9. Harry and Meghan are misogynists and abusers of Elderly and infirm.
    1) verbally and emotionally Abused Prince Philip when he was on his death bed
    2) Harry and his wife literally pushed the Elderly Queen to her grave
    3) Meghan and Harry triggered Mr Markles heart attack.
    4) MM 's husband has attacked his Elderly father and called him a liar .
    I worry about HM KIng Charles's health and I am not even from the UK.

    How many Elderly people need to be emotionally assaulted by these two before the world wakes up.
    Why does Meghan hate Elderly people?.
    She dragged Nelson Mandela, Arch Bishop of Canterbury as well into her circus.

  10. Highly recommended please do watch and learn about uk media hypocrisy .

    British media are bastards children of the British colonial era.

    Prince harry and princess Meghan Markel. Truly good people in this modern gritty era.

  11. I said it was good they were leaving at the time, but now seeing this I am thinking, thank god they left this toxic country. The Royals are liars, they don't live in the real world and are incapable of understanding how normal people live. Go live real H and M, you are truth seekers and unfortunately, you can't a live among toxics. I love how everything happening in the filthy media is proving their Netflix story correct.

  12. All of the negative comments are part of the problem.. they can do whatever the F they want, they are finally speaking up their side of the story. If you are not interested, move on, simple.

  13. :17 :20 :27
    These assholes have clearly put much thought into looking backwards and overanalyzing the past few years,
    then spewing out these bitter and inaccurate soundbites.

    How dull.
    Get a grip and look forward already.

  14. Royalty should be left behind. We already in 2022. Why are we still bowing to another human? What about equality and all. Such a waste of tax payer money where this should be channel to building schools + hospitals or helping the poor rather than maintaining the castle with gold and all the tax payers money on parades.

  15. I love the part where they have camera set up to capture their most intimate and emotional moments in their private lives, it feels so authentic, because that's what normal people do everyday.

  16. What a sad pair of individuals! No respect for themselves or their families & completely throwing them all under a bus to make millions! I knew there is something wrong when only her mother was at the wedding & everyone in the Royal family would too.
    Now they have said their bit they should go off & live quietly and put their titles into abeyance. They no longer live in the uk, have slated it completely & dont deserve to use them. Harry needs to grow up put his big boy pants and go out & get a real jobs like millions of REAL men do all over the world to earn a living for their families and stop whinging like a baby. He used to be my favourite Royal and I thought he would've been fabulous supporting his brother but he married a woman who thought she could change our 1000 year old institution.

  17. I love the part where I thought about renewing my Netflix just to watch this show and The Crown but then decided to see clips of them for free on YouTube instead because this economy means I can't afford $$ to watch rich ex-royals being filmed in their 'low key' mansion and paid millions to backstab their family

  18. I found out by doing my gtheology Diana is my 11th cousin. Although I never met her she's in my heart. I wish she was alive so she could give Megan and her grandchildren a big hug. I can't believe that what happened to Diana is now happening to Megan.
    I know and relate with the trials of being in a mixed relationship and the worrying one does for your children and how you want to protect them from the world. It's amazing that Harry and Megan have made it through this their love must be strong. I'm still watching the documentary my heart is broken for this young couple.

  19. I love the part where we all watched the 'engagement interview' where Meghan said she fully understood what it is to be a Royal, and the part where they get married and vow to stay together for better or worse, and as soon as they can split from their commitment. So grounded, so brave, so knowing.

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