Harry & Meghan | Official Trailer | Netflix

Harry & Meghan. Watch the Netflix Global Event. Starting December 8, only on Netflix. Volume I: December 8 Volume II: …
Harry & Meghan. Watch the Netflix Global Event. Starting December 8, only on Netflix. Volume I: December 8 Volume II: …
Harry & Meghan | Official Trailer | Netflix
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  1. I love the part where it shows them being hounded by the Paparazzi … but it's ACTUALLY footage from a Harry Potter premiere. (*for real). That brought a tear to my eye.

    Because I miss Rubeus Hagrid.

  2. This is so meta, a couple of money hungry sociopaths selling themselves out to the media [netflux] by selling out their family for supposedly selling them out to the media.

  3. I watched the series with an open mind and actually believe Harry and Meghan's account – I can only wish them the best and hope they continue to protect their children. I have never believed the media to be honest about anything. The truth is lies sell, bad mouthing someone sells and the media will do anything to make a buck. Harry and Meghan are two kindred spirits, they will find strength in each other and live a full beautiful life. If they made a few bucks selling their story – good for them – at least they had an opportunity to share the truth and their lives together. I am glad that Tyler Perry stepped up to help them out, what a kind soul. I remember all too well what happened with Diana and how she was treated and how desperate she was to stay away from the media.

  4. Well I do not give a shit whether or not anyone watches this but he is right to say it is a dirty game
    Some comments just be saying they are crying on expensive things
    The fact that he is rich shouldn't be your problem lol….he is privileged

  5. Los felicito por que cada que ustedes salen a quejarse de cosas inciertas por que todos somos testigos que no vivieron como príncipes vivieron como reyes y aún siguen así hasta aviones privados es gracias a la monarquia por que aún hablando mal de ella les da de comer

  6. She is actually a TERRIBLE actress! 3 seconds after she opens her mouth you can sense the lying and insincerity, tear or no tear. She's another Amber Heard. When will media realize the public has more intelligence than to fall for such scams?

  7. Thank you for doing this. There are movies & books out there about this couple. Something doesn't come across as truth when the media are putting out reports about Meghan & Harry. Did we forget what the media did to Harry's mother?

  8. These 2 are just doing everything they can to get more and more money..oh and harry your father and brother aren’t coming around because you keep talking crap about them every chance you get..

  9. I love the part where they claim they don't want history to repeat itself, but yet they make every consorted effort to keep a stage face out there in the media.

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