I Believe in Santa | Official Trailer | Netflix

After five happy months dating Tom, Lisa’s horrified to learn he’s obsessed with her least favorite holiday. Is it time to give …
After five happy months dating Tom, Lisa’s horrified to learn he’s obsessed with her least favorite holiday. Is it time to give …
I Believe in Santa | Official Trailer | Netflix
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  1. The male character to justify his believe in Santa uses the same argument that religion people use to justify their divinity: since it cannot be disproven then it could be real and I believe that he is real. Fair enough then anything can be real from Dracula to Spider-Man to anything that you can think about so we could abolish the definition of non real and we should start taking seriously alien abducting theories , Elvis still alive theories etc etc. unfortunately or better fortunately if you like rational thought the burden of proof is on who claims something not the other way around. As usual pretty pathetic screenplay

  2. This was a horrible movie. Horrible actors too. Also, this man looks like he's 100% gay and is supposed to be her love interest…? He has more filler in his face than a Kardashian. And isn't she a little too old to be breaking up with her serious boyfriend just bc he believes in santa… what a waste of time.

  3. It's not just that these "Christmas" movies are cringe. Sure they are. We get that. Cringe can be endearing. This isn't. Valentines Day is for lovers. Since when does every "Christmas" movie have to center around some divorced, over the hill, botoxed out crazy eyed woman's love life? It is gross seeing a woman her age trying to look seventeen.

  4. Dear Netflix, you are wrong.
    Christmas is about celebrating Jesus CHRIST. That is all about.
    You can make thousands of shit movies like these, where people will rather believe in "Santa Christmas", and all the sparkles and magic and glitter, but you can never EVER change the fact, that CHRISTMAS IS CELEBRATION OF CHRIST.

  5. I understand if people want to celebrate a secular Christmas, but nothing warranted this movie's hostile take against anyone who has faith in anything that's not Santa. Such a strange and boring movie that flopped because its messy premise was rooted in bitterness.

  6. Oh my god! This was a whole new level of horrible. The chemistry between them was non existent. I was expecting him to come out any minute…and not as Santa..
    Also, what`s with the "crazy eyes"? That woman only had one expression: utter disgust.

  7. If your a religious nut, this movie isn’t for you. But as for me I loved it. My Christmases are always about the commercialism’s of Santa, Christmas trees and presents. And nothing to do with religion. So this movie was perfect because it doesn’t preach any religion.

  8. Of course another cheesy Christmas movie with the add on black character, oh and now a gay muslim, yeah because that’s what a Christmas movie needs. Also, the entire movie saying that Christmas is all about believing in Santa and having faith in Santa…um, no, it’s about a Jesus and Christianity.

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