The greatest voice of our time has an even greater story. Discover the Whitney Houston you never knew in I Wanna Dance …
The greatest voice of our time has an even greater story. Discover the Whitney Houston you never knew in I Wanna Dance …
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  1. If you want a summary of whitney you'll like it if you want it to have a deeper explanation youll be disappointed
    How i would rank all of the major bio pics I've scene
    1 elvis 9/10
    2 rocketman 8.5/10
    3 bohemian rhapsody 8/10
    4 i wanna dance with somebody 5.5/10

  2. If you have not seen the film yet – I would HIGHLY RECOMMEND it. I went being skeptical and was bowled over by Naomi's performance. It was an emotional roller coaster – but they honored Whitney for her talent in the end.

  3. Just got done watching this with my mom (she was alive during her era however I was born in 2000) so I only know her because of her song “ I wanna dance with somebody” but after watching her and only knowing her one song and how she died, I gotta say the movie was AMAZING. It felt like I was actually there with her the whole time. If you’re a younger generation like me I would suggest you watch this movie to get to know more of her.

  4. In the hands of any other generation of filmmakers, this would've been an epic movie that would made tons of money and united everyone.

    In the hands of this generation… BS nonsense.

  5. Take a C List actress who can't act and have her lipsynch to Whitney Houston songs. It's no wonder the movie is FLOPPING at the box office. Over 3,000 theaters in America and less than $10 million at the box office. Ha ha ha!

  6. Ok I believe everyone who consider watching it, you'd better go to theatre. It really felt like my most beloved singer on the earth came back in my sight, I couldn't hold my tears for 2 hours with the music sound and replicated image of her! I love you Whitney and I didn't know much about her life in the entertainment industry, its sad to know how the greatest musicians are often not only influenced by uncontrollable money and power but also been put under patriarchy exploitation. I appreciate more her life devoted to those songs she left, and producers who directed the movie 😭

  7. Music has no color, difficult to do Whitney justice, she was a one off, some stars are too big to portray them in a film, anything Whitney is a bonus for us mega fans though, I still remember the 1st time seeing her on MTV in the Saving all my love video mid 80s, I had the feeling she was something special, the total package, she's still my all time fave female, she lived life her way.

  8. Ok – I just scanned at fast speed through the entire movie – it is not good. I knew I was not going to waste over 2 hours looking at the entire thing – that I knew for sure!! It also does not depict the REAL issues of Whitney – which I did not expect it to do so – they have to push a false a narrative instead of the truth. It does talk a small bit about Robin. At the end it puts up wording about her "accidental" death in the hotel. I don't think this actress is very good either. Just my opinion. So, there you go – movie critic review. It is NOT a must see! I know many of you have to see it – because it is about Whitney – just remember – I told you so!

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