LET'S ARGUE: Lyrical Lemonade Creates Industry Plants…?

Other topics include Billie Eilish being a discount Lorde, and something about “mustard rap.” Follow your melon: Twitter: …
Other topics include Billie Eilish being a discount Lorde, and something about “mustard rap.” Follow your melon: Twitter: …
LET'S ARGUE: Lyrical Lemonade Creates Industry Plants…?
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  1. Lance Forest is crazy, Grey Poupon is fantastic. Sure it might not be the best mustard, I haven't tried every kind of mustard, But it's definitely good, Good enough I'll eat a slice of bread with nothing but it on it. Certainly better than any Yellow Mustard, That stuff is bland as heck, Entirely lacking in the spice that makes Mustard so good.

  2. I seriously cant stand lyrical lemonade or anything like it. even the name is just so pointless, douchy, and internet-y. the videos are as cheap, gimmicky, & trendy, as the music they usually are for, sometimes worse. gun to my head I couldnt say 1 good thing about them besides that they're popular.

  3. The Grateful Dead are God awful, they have some of the worst music I've ever heard. Every time they pop into a different genre it's just a miss after a miss.
    And Deadheads are like the perfect fan base for them. They are as off-putting as the Dead's sound

  4. Jimmy Fallon but there is no Jimmy Fallon, just The Roots. Sure there's celebrity guests but there's no one to talk over them, just The Roots jamming tf out the entire time

  5. Lyrical Lemonade doesn't create industry plants at all lol… there's a difference between blowing someone up and making an industry plant.
    Billie Eilish totally sounds like a discount Lorde, never thought about it that way but it seems true.

  6. Imagine if the first question was asked as of today, i know juiceWRLD from lyrical lemonade and i consider he started to be recognised from his all girls are the same vid, from lyrical lemonade😂

  7. 0:43 Cole Bennett using lesser known artists to make music videos is the equivalence of an industry plant
    2:25 Billie Eilish sounds like a discount Lorde
    4:09 The Grateful Dead are unreasonably underrated
    5:11 You haven't given Alex Turner a fair shot
    6:12 Album of the year lists shouldn't come out until Janurary
    7:11 HMLTD is what The 1975 wants to be
    7:59 The internet has given tastemaking back into the hands of people thanks to websites like Rate Your Music
    9:40 Grey Poupon is only refrenced in rap music because it's seen as the most "luxurious" type of mustard
    10:57 Metal Machine Music is actually a good noise album
    12:49 The Die Hard soundtrack is a Christmas album
    13:10 Jimmy Fallon doesn't deserve The Roots
    13:43 JMSN came out with a better album this year than anything Justin Timberlake has released
    14:38 Complex absolutely fucked it by putting Scorpion on their Top 50 AOTY list

  8. anthony, look man i respect you and all but i just had to pause you mid sentence, you or anybody helplessly tryna defend the metallica x lou reed fucking historical mess is just absolutely ridiculous just please stop it's embarrassing

  9. Omg
    How dum can that guys comment get , he is a music video director. He gets paid by the artist to direct a video
    Like juice wrlds situation ,lil bibby came to know of juice wrld by his brother. He showed him all girls are the same and lil bibby liked it and wanted an professional video directed for it
    Cole benett was not very big that time ,infact his channel only had about 1mil subs
    It's mainly juice,ski mask , tecca and skies who changed Lyrical Lemonade and in turn cole is encouraging new talents

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