Manifest: Season 4 | Official Trailer | Netflix

We are now beginning our final descent. Manifest S4 Part 1 comes exclusively to Netflix on November 4th. SUBSCRIBE: …
We are now beginning our final descent. Manifest S4 Part 1 comes exclusively to Netflix on November 4th. SUBSCRIBE: …
Manifest: Season 4 | Official Trailer | Netflix
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  1. All the white men are soft whining crying babies all the men of color are strong! The women are out solving everything and the white men sit at home and have a good cry and cuddle! The plane should have NEVER returned!

  2. In present world America is afraid of people with colour or people who are a bit different from their normal
    In manifest world Americans are afraid of 828er's as they r different πŸ˜†πŸ˜†.
    So basically they r afraid of anything and πŸ˜† everything different

  3. This has to be the best show i have ever watched, can't wait for part 2 i hope they keep going afterwards. If they brought it back for 2 parts of season 4 anything is possible with Netflix when they listen to the fans.

  4. One of the best series I've watched ever that has actually helped in the reality we are currently leaving in. Life is tough, but we get through it through Faith and Trusting in Destiny. Bless up..

  5. I'm enjoying this series, but I wish it would drop the bible bollocks, a super high tech laboratory facility, manned by some of the top scientists in their field, talking about Noah's Ark! ffs

  6. I'm a new fan of the show, haven't finish the season 2 yet. But I have to say that I'm glad they're ending the show this season, it means that there's closure.

    There's a lot of cancelled show, for me the biggest thing is Ghost Whisperer and I'm so glad that this show will have a proper ending (or I hope so).

  7. Honestly, Manifest is a show that you can't stop watching. At first, it's difficult to understand, but as it progresses, you get the idea about the plane. I can't stop watching it, and I'm looking forward to season 5.❀

  8. started season 4 and DID I MISS SOMETHING …. WTF happened .. how did Jared become a beat cop.. never explains Cal coming home and how did two years pass and none of the passengers are dead!?!?!?

  9. I really dont like zeke.. mick doesnt have to be with jared even though he is always thr for her.. but i dont like her at all with zeke.. that guy gives me so much bad vibes.. just my opinion..

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