MARLOWE | Official Trailer | Only In Theatres – February 15

MARLOWE, a gripping noir crime thriller set in late 1930’s Los Angeles, centers around a street-wise, down on his luck detective; …
MARLOWE, a gripping noir crime thriller set in late 1930’s Los Angeles, centers around a street-wise, down on his luck detective; …
MARLOWE | Official Trailer | Only In Theatres – February 15
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  1. FINALLY! Excellent role for the formidable Liam Neeson and great cast too, I can't get enough of Diane Kruger & Jessica Lange, and of course Danny Huston the bad guy(par excellence) and Alan Cumming(I adore). Great classic Film Noir, I think Chandler would approve, and the cherry on top, directed by Neil Jordan…..can't wait to see it.

  2. Ah yes, Liam Neeson, the man who sounds exactly like he was born in California, and is almost 30 years older than Marlowe was at his oldest. Come on, casting directors, try harder.

  3. There was a Marlowe film back in the 60's with James Garner as Philip Marlowe… with a cameo by Bruce Lee… This looks interesting… it be nice to see a good noir film for a change…

  4. I'm very intrigued. This looks like a lot of fun. That said, (based on a 2 min trailer, mind you) it doesn't quite "feel" like Chandler's Marlowe. It seems to lack the notable witty banter that Marlowe was known for. Neeson doesn't quite seem have the right disposition and sense of sarcasm to embody Marlowe the way that, say, Bogart was able to. (Again, it's only a 2 min trailer.) Also in the Big Sleep Marlowe was 33 years old. Placing his age in the late 30's as no older than 37 years old. Liam Neeson is 70. Big difference.

    Having said all that, it seems like the filmmakers are creating a fresh spin on the character. (Which is good. There was only one Chandler after all). It seems like they are going for a more straight-forward, gritty type of adaption. And I'm intrigued. I definitely plan to see this movie. I'm curious how it will stack up and to see what direction they go. So I'm gonna go in with an open mind These types of movies rarely get made anymore, so I'm gonna try to just to appreciate it for what it is. (As opposed to what it could be or what it isn't.)

  5. It might be destined to be a 'Film Noir classic' but they don't get the hats right. Hats were always worn tilted in the 1940's . Look at old photos of Bogart,Sinatra, Bing Crosby and the rest. Where were the costume people? I though actors are supposed to be observant?
    All that money to make this film and the men look like something out of an am- dram Guys and Dolls.

  6. The presence of Danny Huston should be highly appreciated by some..; and nice to see him in another feature with Jessica Lange after the stunning show, AHS Covent&Freakshow.

  7. With due respect, Liam Neeson seems badly cast for this role, if it is supposed to based on the Raymond Chandler stories. For one thing, Neeson is waaay too old, I'm sorry to say. Looks and moves like a 60+ year old, which he is; Chandler's Marlowe is maybe 40 at most. More than just age, Neeson's persona doesn't generally convey the edginess and wary+weary personality of Chandler's Marlowe. A Tom Hardy, in contrast, I could definitely see as Marlowe.

  8. In this trailer, Neeson reminds me of a Nick Nolte role, & Jordan looks like he wants to use Marlowe as a vehicle to do his take on Polanski's Chinatown, but anyway…in keeping with my tradition of checking out all Marlowe & Holmes depictions on screen, I'll check it out, no doubt, but you know: machine guns, explosions etc. doesn't seem right in a Marlowe, as much as a Holmes, story. Could be this goes all out for entertainment like the Downey Jr.Holmes, but I doubt it. I expect Jordan won't be able to do a noir type character study, but he'll probably revel in a bit of underworld dodginess to give this film a bit to his taste

  9. Okay. I’m intrigued for a number of reasons. First this brings to mind Chinatown. Second Neil Jordan is a great storyteller as so pointed out with High Spirits, Interview with the Vampire, The Crying Game and Michael Collins. Lastly, LIAM NEESON.

  10. Liam Neeson and Colm Meaney is a team up I never thought of, but I'm so happy to see. This being a crime noir film is just the cherry on top.

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