Upcoming Movies That Can Be Found In This Compilation: 0:05 – BREAKING Trailer (2022) John Boyega 2:05 – NATIONAL …
Upcoming Movies That Can Be Found In This Compilation: 0:05 – BREAKING Trailer (2022) John Boyega 2:05 – NATIONAL …

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  1. God bless u all in Jesus Christ name, Jesus loves us all hence the reason he died for us and rose three days later. God sacrificed him for our sins and no he died for force him for Jesus wanted to die for us too because he loves us very much. God is good all the time, all the time God is good. Spend time with God for he is coming back for his world. And who doesn’t belong to him will be cast down to the pit of hell. It is real. That’s why God uses us to spread the word as much as possible so all can hear. Please, even the devil will be punished and cast into the lake of fire. Where your burn for eternity. Sounds like nonsense doesn’t it, but laugh, or swear or be in your disbelief. Because on that day, all who didn’t listen and a lived a sinful life will burn. Seek Heaven where we can have eternal salvation. No ,ore pain nor sorrow nor labor, but just happiness forever. Amen. Pray everyday for prayer is the best medicine and protection from the enemies of both the physical and spiritual world🙏🥰🙏🥰🙌🏿💕 Hallelujah praise his name

  2. So, with the new Aquaman, we are going to get a movie that's more mature, & also Jason's GUT? Hmm maybe he should have played Fat Thor. Just shows what happens when some people get money, now he's a superstar he doesn't have to get in the gym & get buff. Oh Crap, he looks terrible compared to the first movie, shame on you Mamoa, you look crap & I bet this sucks.

  3. RIP Michael Kenneth Williams! 🪦
    Good actor tragically passed away in Sep. 2021

    Stay away from the drugs guys!
    They do not distinguish whether you are a good person or what you do. They deceive you with great feelings and after years of torture and addiction they will kill you!

  4. Hey James Wan, even if all the Amber stans (minus the bots) go and see the movie because Amber the abuser is in it no one else will. Warner Bros, I can't believe the sexism and support of an abusive woman. Re-cast the Ambuser and re-shoot the scenes or watch your movie fail massively at the box office. Nuff said?

  5. Looking forward to dungeons and dragons! Unfortunately Aquaman 2 is out since "she who shall not be named" is still in it…they need to add a trigger warning anytime she's shown!

  6. Aquaman 2 they should of just reshoot and replaced the turd and the cost would be paid off by the boxoffice earnings cause more people would see it if the turd was not in it.

  7. Is the Crestar film a secret? I tried to pull it up multiple times and got nothing. When it finally came up I got the title Crestar and the Night Stallion. Okay. But that was too much work to get info that should easily come up somewhere. (lol)

  8. I wouldn't watch AH for free, I'm damn sure not going to pay to watch her. I won't support her in anything even for a few seconds. If she was a man they would have dropped her on a rumor but because she is a female she gets to stay? So if they won't get rid of her then I will make the choice to not have her in my life by not supporting anything she is in ever again.

  9. It's ironic to see a cult zealot like Tom Cruise playing the role of someone fighting for "the good and true", when his own cult is well known for abducting kids, false imprisonment of members, psychological and physical abuse of members, fleecing members and potential members with "sessions" based on the use of technologies that don't actually exist, and whose core beliefs are based on the poorly conceived notions of a mediocre science fiction author.

  10. These terrorists Lukini Shainurovi Ahmatnurovi Zenkovi from Perm, Samsonovi Mitini Morozovi from Moscow, Ahmetov from Alicante stole digital copy of my body for  making movies, songs to their terrorists group.  I want their brain to be heated in tomography in jail

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