New Movie Trailers 2022 & 2023 00:00 Mission Impossible 7 Dead Reckoning 02:06 John Wick 4 03:12 Avatar 2 The Way of …
New Movie Trailers 2022 & 2023 00:00 Mission Impossible 7 Dead Reckoning 02:06 John Wick 4 03:12 Avatar 2 The Way of …

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    **00:01 intro 💖⤴**

    0:10 WHERE’S MY ? 😇
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    0:30 Micah believing the group’s being pranked
    1:04 Mary
    1:21 Panic mode
    1:33 Finding sticks
    1:48 Punching wood
    2:18 Elijah and Josiah’s cockiness
    2:38 Micah doesn’t know how to make naked, Judah told to open about my bio
    3:02 Pretend selfie
    3:05 Micah’s fire until Mary puts it out
    3:27 Bent branch hits Elijah
    3:34 Shiloh’s scream
    3:41 Micah asking where the bathroom is and Elijah questioning Judah
    4:06 Josiah and Elijah’s shelter
    4:22 The girls naked freezing
    4:32 Do you believe in ghosts?
    whether it means you can gain more fans, or know what can crack and break what holds a status quo together. *

  3. buenas,me ayudarian con esta peli,trata de unas personas que abren la alacena y encuentran un mundo pequeño de personas diminutas,lo q recuerdo es q dejan caer su reloj y ellos corren,tiene muchos años ya,no se trata de pequeña gran vida,llave magica ni los borrowers nada de esas,si alguien sabe le agradezco

  4. Street Fighter… Hmmm. I wonder where the idea for a blind swordsman came from? The story of Zatoichi perhaps? Or maybe Mamoru of Until Death Do Us Part fits better since he has a military background and a sword and dark glasses loaded with tech. Sounds familiar…. Oops!!

  5. Rapaz esse é a pior adaptação de Shazam feita em toda a história desse personagem, e quando digo pior, é do sentido de nível Tele Tubbie da palavra, chega a dar ráiva de ver esse personagem…….

  6. Okay, these Halloween movies are utterly ridiculous. Michael Myers is older than his sister (Laurie). And yes she is his sister look at the first movie. She's in her 60's for GOD sake.

    Yet, they're making these movies like he has the strength and stamina of somebody who is 15 years old running around jumping and doing all kinds of crazy stunts, killing people with superhuman strength. JUST STOP IT!

    These movies make absolutely no sense!

  7. та смотрите вы сами своих негров.задолбали уже, суют куда не попадя.какие нафиг маги,интелектуалы(назовите хоть одного шахматиста)

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