Persuasion starring Dakota Johnson | Official Trailer | Netflix

Living with her snobby family on the brink of bankruptcy, Anne Elliot is an unconforming woman with modern sensibilities.
Living with her snobby family on the brink of bankruptcy, Anne Elliot is an unconforming woman with modern sensibilities.
Persuasion starring Dakota Johnson | Official Trailer | Netflix
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  1. I haven’t read the novel, but watched this movie. I had to search when was the novel written because I was so confused with how some of the scenes and dialogues felt modern while the time and settings aren’t. I’m right with my confusion. Netflix did something wrong.

  2. if this was a stand alone movie it would be AWESOME! i really liked it and i find it really funny! the colors, the scenes, the cast, everything was great! with that being said, it has no resemblance to Jane Austen's Novel which is what ultimately makes it look like a disaster of a movie

  3. Джейн Остин бы была в шоке от такой трактовки её бессмертного произведения. Англосаксы, в безудержной гонке за толерантностью, гробят свою историю и культуру на корню. Европейцы! Вы хоть понимаете, что вас поставили на путь самоуничтожения?

  4. And once again, Jane Austen rolls in her grave in demise because of the audacity of turning one of her beloved children into this blasphemy

  5. Why not just change the setting to contemporary San Francisco? It's ironic, however, that wokesters believe all life is about race and injustice could be so unsympathetic to human realitie. If you believe that blacks suffer under the yoke of western capitalism, then how can you also believe there were black naval captains in 1820s England?

  6. First of all, I can tell from just looking at her that Dakota Johnson is JEWISH by blood, not an English of Germanic tribes. And she converted to Scientology in Hollywood. Both her parents and grandmother are actors, PURE NEPOTISM.

  7. If you're expecting to see some Anglo-Saxons up in here, you'll be sorry. Female lead is Jewish, everyone else is Black, Asian, or heavily mixed. No Germanic tribes at all. They ridiculed the Anglos…and the Black and Asian people were used to be clowns. We couldn't stop laughing during this movie, laughing out loud, red in the face laughter.

  8. I didn’t like Dakota’s performance. I felt it was kinda tiring or something. I dunno. I can just say I didn’t watch the full movie. But that’s only my experience and opinion.

  9. I am reading this book for the first time. I haven't seen the film before. But I knew there was a film version. Out of curiosity, I googled the individual characters. And when I saw Lady Russell like in this film: I just thought NOOO

  10. This is way too far from Persuasion! I would definitely mistake this for something else if it were not for the title. And the woman in the teaser is certainly not Anne Elliot! Persuasion deserves more.

  11. Everyone is jumping on the bandwagon of ethnic equality but the British and Americans were busy earning money from slavery rather than treating people as equals! The wine glass or should I say wine bottle? What a scandal that would have been for any women in English society! This is more of a parody of Jane Austin’s Persuasion and the American producer has no idea of British gentry in that time period . An absolute failure as a Jane Austen reproduction with an ugly hero who wears workhouse clothes! Missed the point here I’m afraid! Dreadful!

  12. You can modernize a classic without losing too much of its original scent like 2005 version of Pride and Prejudice, this one however, is just a bad, terrible attempt which someone will probably call it ridiculous as it competes for the worst Austen re-adaptation. I'll probably watch it one time just for the laughs.

  13. I was originally attracted to watching the movie via Dakota great acting. Although the story and movie are great and fun watching, I am intrigued by Dakota acting skills and like what aging has done for her. I guess having the genes of actors paid off. If you just end up watching her acting, it’s worth it. But in the end, all of the actors and the movie I are great. SpacestationArk

  14. Какой ужас! Джейн Остин наверно в гробу перевернулась бы увидев такую экранизацию своего романа. Аристократов шоколадного цвета в то время не существовало. Единственный, о ком можно было бы снять исторический фильм с участием темнокожего актёра, так это об Ибрагиме Петровиче Ганнибале, крестнике Петра Великого.

  15. Воу, сколько этнического толерантного разнообразия в историческом кино)). Не хватает ещё геев и трансгендеров – не доработали сюжет. ))

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