SAS Rogue Heroes | Brand new trailer – BBC

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Subscribe and to the BBC Watch the BBC first on iPlayer
SAS Rogue Heroes | Brand new trailer – BBC
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  1. complete garbage, dumbed down for generation confused, interlaced with rock music , it could have so much better, after all the subject matter is well documented

  2. Dear BBC. We few in Canada enjoyed the Rogue Heroes immensely. The series was so good that I stopped at Part 5, just to spread the joy out a bit further. (Watched Pt. 6 the next day).
    I would say that out of 511 comments, 511 people are "all-in" and looking forward to season 2.

  3. I'm so glad I watched this series. It's just so terrific. It has a great script & a fantastic cast. I agree with the comments below about Jack O'Connell. He's so good in it, he deserves an award for his performance. He looks like he's having a blast playing Paddy Mayne. I can't say it enough – WATCH IT!!!!!

  4. Can someone please tell me this is coming to another streaming service soon … I m from Flanders and can't watch this outside UK ? The desert war is one of my 'favorite' parts of world war 2 (especially operation Compass ; Sir Richard Nugent O'Connor and his Western Desert force kicking Italian behind)

  5. Jack O'Connell is an excellent actor. I read that the sign of a good actor is that you don't really notice them because they are so good and such a chameleon……..think Gary Oldman at the beginning of his career in JFK, Dracula, State of Grace, True Romance. You have to Google them to realise they are one and the same person. Jack O'Connell is the same. He seems to be trying to play totally different people and succeeding. I'm sure he'll go down as one of the greats. And when I hear he's doing a film with the director of THE best film ever (in my opinion) ….Heat, I can't help getting excited for him. πŸ‘

  6. Really enjoyed this show. Has made me want to learn more about the war in Africa. I see lots of people criticising some casting/characterisation of real people as not being realistic – but this is a fictionalised version of the story. Not a biopic! This is Ben MacIntyre's take on events according to his research; other authors have other takes. I love this dramatisation! The three leads were fantastic, could not even pick a favourite performance. Ok I can. It's Jack O'Connell. πŸ™‚ But seriously Alfie Allen owned the very difficult Jock Lewes part like he was made for it. And Connor Swindells struck just the right posh yet practical note. All round fab.

  7. The casting agent for this needs fired. 5'5 and 9 stone dripping wet jack o'connell playing the 6'4 18 stone hardcase rugby playing Paddy Mayne.
    He is about as scary as matt hancock.

  8. Only on episode 2, but whoever put together the soundtrack for this is a fookin genius!!! War dramas are one of my least favourite genres but this is truly floating my boat!! Bloody well written. πŸ‘

  9. To keep this all in perspective, which seriously is essential in order to give it the praise that is due. The author, the TV producer and cast, achieves what is nothing short of amazing. Which no doubt in time to come will be recognised by "Awards" it will achieve in the T.V. series category of awards. I say with hand on heart, it will win hands down. Even though it is only my own humble opinion and I could be wrong.

    Having said that the sentiments of the portrayal of both the futility of war and the incompetence often from the top down was beautifully captured in this short series. What it did was take a sneak preview of what one may deduce from their own imagination, however that then makes for the brilliance it delivers from the pure entertainment aspect.

    Naturally we all would be horrified if any of this was remotely close to reality as we all understand. They say ignorance is bliss, but actually ignorance is a very dangerous position for anyone to find themselves in. What particularly concerned me and stood out like an eye sore was GHQ and how they very much under performed during a Nations hour of need in such a critical time.

    Whilst not wishing to be controversial, it actually is difficult for me to resist in saying that if I were ever called up. Then I would challenge the so called powers at be, as their strategy of using human lives as fodder for the enemy is far from intelligent and does not properly exploit the human mind and imagination of the so called individual, in maximising their true ability in order to achieve.

    Perhaps this is what we should have learnt from WW1 and WW2. I am not a soldier, in any sense of the word, but equally, the S.A.S. has men like me, because we do all the dirty jobs that no one else wants to do or would even choose to do. The S.A.S. has my deepest respect and if it came to high level intelligent planning I am at your service. Its 90% planning and 10% insanity that separates the men from the boys…

    A Season two isn't out of the question, as the S.A.S is still very much alive and well. However some secrets we should keep as secrets. Perhaps a far more up to date and closer to home story line such as "Iraq" and W.M.D that never were would make for a great story, and a far more moving and impacting way of conveying to the world the futility of war, at any level.

  10. factually it is not too bad, the music score is a joke, ACDC & Co + WW2 = WTF, who's idea was it to use 1980s rock music with a documentary set in 1940s, it does not work,

  11. Randolph Churchill joined the SAS CO David Stirling and six SAS men on a mission behind enemy lines in the Libyan Desert to Benghazi in May 1942. The Benghazi Raid did not reach its goals and Randolph severely dislocated his back when his truck overturned in a road accident during the journey home

  12. An impeccable yarn,superb acting,script,mise en scene etc , that was totally ''Ruined'' by an inane incongruous soundtrack .It completeley destroyed ''The Atmosphere!''.Every time my imagination was immersed into the North Africa campaigns ,i was dragged to CBGB'S in New York , The Roxy in London circa '77' or a bar in The Out-backin the 1980's .Re-edit it, remove the inappropriate music & you have on your hands a classic BBC war drama .

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