Snowfall | Season 6 Official Trailer | FX

When your empire is threatened, the gloves come off. The Final Season OFFICIAL TRAILER. #SnowfallFX February 22 on FX.
When your empire is threatened, the gloves come off. The Final Season OFFICIAL TRAILER. #SnowfallFX February 22 on FX.
Snowfall | Season 6 Official Trailer | FX
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  1. The character development of Franklin he kinda got what was coming to him. Also the foreshadowing from Jerome season 1 it was inevitable. Class show almost the same as Breaking Bad

  2. Really looking forward to seeing how they end this. This season is going to make or break the show. I think the biggest question is how Franklin ends. I have two predictions.

    Prediction #1. Franklin goes to jail for 20 to life. (This is an ending that to be honest would be the one that made the most sense.) Franklin could die in the street, but Franklin was never really a street guy. That ending just wouldn't fit his character. The government putting him in prison for all the things he did under their supervision, that tells the story of the crack epidemic perfectly.

    Prediction #2. Franklin somehow survives and becomes an informant for the FBI against the CIA agents responsible. A twist that would be an interesting direction to go. In all the recent gangster/crime dramas I have not seen this particular ending really explored. It would also be a very controversial ending that would keep people talking after the show has ended.

    Either way Season 6 is going to be a crazy ride.

  3. It has to end with Franklin killing Teddy and being The Undisputed King with all his enemies and competitors bowing at his throne. Franklin deserves to end with his loving mother, loyal best friend Leon sweet girlfriend and his baby. Jerome as well

  4. Snowfall is one of the greatest crime drug shows ever alongside Narcos Mexico, Orginal Narcos,Breaking Bad etc. It's the best of the shows I've watched. Franklin has always proved everyone wrong when he's faced with a situation were you think he's done for. Season 5 was just fire and the ending was the best part to start season 6. We gonna miss Snowfall and The G.O.A.T Franklin Saint🙏🐐

  5. I am anxiously waiting for the part when Teddy gets smoked. That’s all I want to see before the end. Just like I wanted Daeynaris to put a sword in Cersei but was disappointed Cersei got off easy

  6. Her belly getting big had us thinking maybe she was lying about the baby but that con artist past still gotta keep us on alert like how she handled that gun and was smiling in the shootout im surprised Cissy Saint ain't mention that to Franklin

  7. Really enjoyed Snowfall and also loved how they showed a bit of bloods and crips culture from the 80s, hope they show more in the last season, looking forward to this…..watching BMF S2 right now, and its also good

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