THE BATMAN – Main Trailer

It’s not just a call… It’s a warning.
It’s not just a call… It’s a warning.
THE BATMAN – Main Trailer
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  1. Half of his face is open, everyone stubbornly shoots and hits anywhere but not there, I am silent because of the eyes, which can simply be blinded with a smoke grenade. Either this hero is hopelessly outdated, or something needs to be changed in him.

  2. I really liked the trailer, but I found this movie was actually terrible. Lack of attention to details, comical fight scenes – was expecting to hear "POWWW!!!", "BANNNGGG!!!" they were that cringey – and as much as I wanted to like him – I liked the darkness but – Robert Pattinson was not believable as the Batman.

  3. Going from Ann Hathaway to this ugly ghetto chick that hates white people was the biggest flaw. Cat woman looked like a skinny little twelve year old boy. Ann Hathaway is the cat woman standard. It a high bar.

  4. This was very good. I don't think it was great. But Batman Begins was good, not great, and the Dark Knight was amazing. So, I think the next movie in this series should be awesome. Or, at least it better be.

  5. Ok only just saw this for the first time. Well done. Only slight hints of insane woke garbage, but other than that an excellent Batman movie. Forget the lecturing us about "waaacccissssmms" and just make more stuff like this. I might even start going to the movies again.

  6. This was, not only the best Batman movie but honestly the best superhero movie that I've seen in such a long time. Matt Reeves understands Batman and these characters like I've never seen before, everyone was so perfectly cast, and the world-building is insane. This might be the new Dark Knight trilogy of the next decade.

  7. What a wasted opportunity. Since Batman is DC's cash cow, all Batman related contents should be used to promote other members of the Justice League. In fact, the writers should just kick Catwoman out of Gotham permanently and move her to Metropolis

  8. This will always be The Best Batman Film Of All Time For me.The Atmosphere, Dark tone and Score all was Masterfull.
    Its Nothing But a Excellent Fresh Take Which Works As It mean To be.

  9. Robert Patterson is the literally and only true and real 'Batman' from the Hollywood Blockbuster hit movie series: "The Batman". Jack Harlow is not the original Batman but he is the original 'Hercules' from the movie: 'Hercules' starring Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson! But Robert Patterson is the original Batman or The Batman!

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