The Best NEW Horror Movies (Trailers)

Top New & Upcoming Horror Movies 2021 & 2022 Trailer Compilation | Subscribe ➤ | More
Top New & Upcoming Horror Movies 2021 & 2022 Trailer Compilation | Subscribe ➤ | More
The Best NEW Horror Movies (Trailers)
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  1. It's like no one has a clue as to how do you think up a horror story, and to then put it to paper. All of these movies are just regurgitations of the old horror movies of 10,20,30,40 even 50 years ago. Nothing new. Sad.
    And so…. Instead of a fright, you get to laugh… I mean how many times can you kill Michael or the Creeper.
    Sad, and yet funny.

  2. They need to come out with a really good wendigo movie, I saw Antlers and Wendigo but neither were very impressive. If there's one out that isn't one of those 2 please let me know

  3. I've watched more movies than the BIGGEST fan you know, renting out multiple horror and sci-fi vhs to dvds every day from age 7 going (80s to 2000s). The movie world is now so degraded and ran out of script ideas decades ago, so its churning out recycled BULLSHIT ideas and making the delusional zombified fans believe its still producing good movies. REAL movie lovers should know by now that all Hollywood movies SUCK and only have a few good scenes, but are overall TRASH and a total waste of your time and attention. WORST most juvenile movie series EVER produced: MARVEL AVENGERS + ALL SUPERHERO MOVIES (only TRUE older 70s-80s comics fans will agree)

  4. Scream 5? That happened when I talked with that pro mask mandate guy who happens to be an Icelander a few months back. Are they making a sequel? Did they hire him?

  5. I think Antlers is one of the better horror films that has come out in recent years. Not just for the obvious gore and the jump scares are "meh", but for the legend and atmosphere the film creates. (Spoiler Alert!) The creature in the film in inspired by Algonquin legends of a monstrosity conjured from the darkest parts of the human heart. A being which is the living incarnation of greed, desire, and gluttony, bundled together inside a putrid, desiccated husk. The Wendigo. It appears throughout legends and folklore for a reason. It is more than an undead, more than a malevolent spirit. The Wendigo is evil made flesh.

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