THE SUPER MARIO BROS: MOVIE Official Trailer (2023)

First movie trailer for The Super Mario Bros. Movie.
First movie trailer for The Super Mario Bros. Movie.
THE SUPER MARIO BROS: MOVIE Official Trailer (2023)
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  1. I love the idea of Bowser and his koopas being a violent race that all the other kingdoms fear and want to conquer everything in sight. Bowser almost looks like Godzilla levels of intimidating!

    PS: Why's everyone so worked up about Chris Pratt voicing Mario? I think it's fitting.

  2. Man what a disappointment. Mario's voice is really giving off ugly sonic vibes. I get some movies need star power behind them to make them successful but Mario is a household name across the world, you don't need Chris Pratt to sell this movie. This could've been amazing, now I'm just uninterested.

  3. My main worries for this movie are the pacing, casting and comedy. I've yet to laugh at a single joke throughout any of the movie's marketing, Chris sounds absolutely nothing like the source material and is extremely boring to listen to and there seems to be a lot of content for the movie to cover in its supposedly 85 minute run time. Hopefully my worries are proven wrong but I'm slightly concerned as of now.

  4. I've had a sudden realization: I think the scene where Bowser is about to grab the star is the start of the third act. I think the star is what Bowser is after this whole movie and it will turn him giant like in the games.

  5. So basically it's a underdog story. Mario's the underdog and through the movie we'll see him raise to fame. Also believe Princess Peach is going to save herself a couple times, but it'll ultimately come down to where Mario has to save her. Which is okay, but it's the underdog trope. I'd honestly rather have a movie where Princess Peach and the other Princesses just save themselves, but that'd really piss of the bros and the stanky incel neckbeards who don't know what basic hygiene is and probably neither washes their ass.

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