The Wonder | Official Trailer | Netflix

Starring Florence Pugh and based on the book by Emma Donoghue, writer of Room. The Wonder is the tale of a young Irish girl, …
Starring Florence Pugh and based on the book by Emma Donoghue, writer of Room. The Wonder is the tale of a young Irish girl, …
The Wonder | Official Trailer | Netflix
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  1. So was the movie any good and who the F is florence pugh, thats all the comments say, oh it has Florence in it its going to be good, thats like saying oh it channing tattum or the rock, just cause there famous dont mean they can act they both ruined great movies like black adam, jungle cruise and 21 and 22 jump street anyone else would make the movie better.

  2. Simply an incredible film! Lighting , sound, sets, costume the whole works in this masterpiece! The story line was simply spell binding and took me there, at that time in that place!! A rare film for sure!!

  3. Florence Pugh is an actress who is able to fill the screen merely by standing in front of a camera, totally occupying her character with only facial expression and body language. Pugh has emerged as perhps the best actress of her generation, mesmerising in anything in which she appears. In fact, I chose to watch this film (wrongly assuming that it wasn't my cup of tea) purely because Florence Pugh was in it. A 10 out of 10 performance in what for me is a 9 out of 10 film. An intelligent, insightful, thought provoking and compelling drama.

  4. Such a good story.
    Just finished the book.
    I would have to say its very educational about holy anorexia and how anorexia looks in a person. The story reveals slowly and in full.

  5. Good Movie. I thought at the very end where the nurse was getting on a ship, I thought they were going to throw in a twist and show them sailing away on the Titanic. But then I remembered the movie takes place a couple generations before the titanic.

  6. I love this movie and the way it is done.
    The light and colours bring a life paintings from 16th /17th century Flamands artists .
    Acting is first class.
    And the story ;how accurate and actual is today. When science meets religions,when entailment thinking must stragel with hypocrisy and believes,conspiracy theories…

  7. Maravillosa. Enamorado de la película me recordó a Los otros sin ser parecida en la trama , pero muchas similitudes en cuanto a sobriedad y calidad

  8. This film was stupid. Not only do yo expect me to believe that the mother somehow had food in her mouth to feed her child (disgusting as that image sounds) but it was enough to keep her going for three months?

    and that the daughter didn't notice food entering her mouth all this time?

    and that the mother went from keeping her daughter alive to just accepting her death?

    and that the more secular doctor thought she was still living despire clearly dying?

    and has no one pointed out that our so-called hero caused this girl to STARVE TO DEATH just to be proven right?

    Why didn't she just let the ritual continue after the change.

    Why is her essentially kidnapping a child okay?

    The only thing that would give this any sense is to follow the film's logic that science and logic is good whereas religion is bad!

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