Trial By Fire | Official Trailer | Netflix India

In a tragic turn of events, Neelam and Shekhar Krishnamoorthy’s life flipped upside down when they lost their two kids in the …
In a tragic turn of events, Neelam and Shekhar Krishnamoorthy’s life flipped upside down when they lost their two kids in the …
Trial By Fire | Official Trailer | Netflix India
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  1. ek aam family jisska kissi se koi lena dena nahi woh kaise aapne ko bebas feel karti jab woh sarkari pachdo main padhti hai , what a story , but it's a reality it's not a story , yeh horrifying nahi yeh real hai , aisa hua hai aur aisa hota hai must watch aapke saath aaj nahi hua toh kal hoga

  2. I have lived for a little over 2 years, 15-20 steps away from Uphaar. I left the place 1 year back itself, when I first saw the charred building, it was eerie, the whole area of green park was so lively but this one building was weird, I didn’t know about the tragedy back then, so I asked my landlord, they told me about it, so I read up more. The only thing I can do is pray that such a horrible thing should never ever happen to anyone, not even my worst enemies.
    Some locals also told the stories of screaming voices coming from there at night (ghosts and all), haha! I thought typical nonsense to associate supernatural stuff with any tragedy like this. But then, one auto wala bhaiya told me that people screamed so bad during the fire that those in the neighbourhood, who heard are still affected by it (psychologically). I don’t know how much truth is there in this theory or the rumours, but I can imagine, the horror and pain of fire is no joke! 🙏🏼

  3. Abhay Deol is so underrated. I literally crave to see him on screen. Be it JL50, Manorama or this. I watched the first few minutes of this last night and he absolutely lived the role, be it playing video games or the hospital scenes.

    Can't think of someone better to play the role.

  4. हाल ही में एक हफ्ते के अंदर मैंने तीन फिल्में देखीं पहली उंचाई जो सिर्फ इस लिए ऊंची थी क्योंकि उसमें काम करने वाले एक्टर बहुत ऊंचे थे इतने ऊंचे की अपनी पूरी फिल्म में वो हवा में ही थे, दूसरी फिल्म थी दृश्यम 2 बेहतरीन कहानी के साथ बेहतरीन प्रस्तुती बेहतरीन कलाकारों की बेहतरीन कलाकृति अक्सर किसी भी कामयाब फिल्म का दूसरा पार्ट वैसा प्रभाव नहीं छोड़ता जैसा की पहले पार्ट ने छोड़ा होता है पर दृश्यम 2 ने मुझे पूरी तरह से बांध कर रखा उसके आखीर तक, तीसरी फिल्म थी ट्राएल बाई फायर (trail by fire) फिल्म दिल्ली के उपहार सिनेमा में 13 जून 1997 को लगी आग और उसमें जल कर मरने वालो की त्रासदी पर बनी है अभय दियोल को छोड़ कर सभी बिल्कुल अंजान से चेहरे लेकिन अपने काम से फिल्म देखने वालों के दिमाग को सुन्न कर देने वाले इस तीसरी फिल्म ने इंसानी फितरत और उसके बनाए माया जाल को बुरी तरह से तोड़ कर रख दिया है और यह साबित करने में कामयाब रही है कि इंसानियत और उसका ईश्वर सिर्फ और सिर्फ कोरी कल्पना है इंसान से बड़ा कोई स्वार्थी जीव नहीं और ईश्वर से बड़ा कोई झूठ नहीं अगर यह सच ना होता तो उपहार सिनेमा के मालिक अंसल बंधु पकड़े जाने के बाद छे महीने में छूट ना जाते।

  5. My school (Sahoday Sr. Sec. School) wasn't very far away from Upahar Cinema (Green Park, South Delhi) and I still remember just few days before the incident, my parents had taken me after school to that Cinema to watch the movie "Border" It was shocking and mind numbing to think that, it could just as easily have been us. It was hard to digest that fact and for a time (6-7 months) I was just so afraid to go to cinemas, and almost took a year for me to be confident and comfortable to be in cinemas. I was just so aware of my surroundings, even when I did start going to Cinemas again with my parents.

    I was just 6 years old then, and to think that, just knowing it could have been us gave me such fear and discomfort. I cannot even begin to imagine the kind of pain and sorrow the ones who survived, as well as the families of those who lost their own must have felt.

    Even to this day, I always remember that tragedy, whenever I watch the movie "Border" and only last year, when I was watching that movie, my mom passed by me and she was like "Beta yaad ahy tujhe, Upahar cinema me hum dekhne gaye the Border aur usle kucchh hi din baad wahaan aag lag gyi" My mom still remembers, and she remembers it even more vividly than me. 🙁

  6. The casting and the main leads are spot on ……..the story is gripping …..just the only thing that could had been avoided is anupam khair story otherwise a must watch

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