Warhammer 40,000: Space Marine 2 – Gameplay Reveal Trailer | The Game Awards 2022

Wishlist Warhammer 40000: Space Marine 2 now: …
Wishlist Warhammer 40000: Space Marine 2 now: …
Warhammer 40,000: Space Marine 2 – Gameplay Reveal Trailer | The Game Awards 2022
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  1. Not about the game but about the philosophy.
    I very much dislike theocratic war dystopias where fascist religious military dystopias led by "God Emperor's"© are glorified. They seem too much like current radical right wing wank fests, for my liking.
    Everything is about militarists~ with ever increasing levels of power^ who are basically neo- Nazis "in the far future"* who oppress societies "in space"° to ensure their "purity and dominance"¥ over "Aliens"™ and "heretics"®.
    It reminds me very much of the "Sigma Male " movement, which was founded by Vox Dei, a notorious far-right wing hate-monger whit supremacist neo- Nazi. Don't believe me look him up on Wikipedia.
    If play is the training for socialisation and behaviour in both the animal kingdom and for humans, as has been recognized by sociologist, behaviouralists and zoologists for decades, what is this material doing to the minds of scared and disenfranchised teenage males all over America?
    © Also known as our Glorious leader, put in power by the favour of the former God
    ~ Second Amendment fanatics
    ^ increasingly right wing politicians
    * Tomorrow or as soon as they can overthrow democracy
    ° America
    ¥ white supremacy
    ™ Any one not like " us"
    ® Any one who does not worship "our" true god

  2. Loved the first one, am balls deep in the lore right now and need something that isn’t an RTS or Turn Based. I was hoping to see this or a Stellaris-like 4x where you can choose what race to be and try and conquer the galaxy. This looks absolutely amazing, can’t wait

  3. Just try to fuck this masterpiece! this is an appeal to all lovers of card strategies, unfinished all sorts of second-rate games on Wahe and other horseradish understand critics. this is the first normal application for a real Warhammer in 10 years. Because Dawn of War 3 frankly crap. And the previous ones were generally garbage in the flesh before Dawn War 2. I had to wait so many years for the 2nd part of this masterpiece to come out, I will definitely buy this game and I will hope that in the future games in this genre will please us more than once every 10 years !

  4. Ew, other visual effects look amazing though a little exaggerated but blood looks plastic/cartoonish because of coloring and textures. I dislike it. And unlike Elden Ring's bad blood coloring gets way better at 4K compared to 1080p it's not the case here. I'm tired from seeing games having unrealistic, stupid blood coloring. Just look at&learn from Bloodborne's and Black Desert Online's blood coloring. While Bloodborne's look a little more fantastic cuz of spitting animations maybe I can't remember rn, I prefer Black Desert Online's blood coloring, it looks way more realistic and it should be standard for blood coloring in the industry. Also, textures look a little bit plastic with all shiny metals. First game looked way more realistic. Please tone down the shininess and get to the level of realism of the first game.

    Woah! Staying on the air as shooting! Expected mechanics! And hoooly sh**! The physics looks mindblowingly good!!!

    Take this comment as a user feedback, Focus Entertainment!!! They are gonna give us a way better Space Marine than the first one!!!

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