@WORLDSTARHIPHOP | He Did That Poor Woman So Wrong…..Or Did He? ©

Image Consultant Life | Style | Coach “You’ll never outperform your belief systems” A clip of this show was picked up and went …
Image Consultant Life | Style | Coach “You’ll never outperform your belief systems” A clip of this show was picked up and went …
@WORLDSTARHIPHOP | He Did That Poor Woman So Wrong…..Or Did He? ©
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  1. He put me on game im not going to lie about how to be a better at grooming. But I had that in my DNA my mom dressed god carried herself well and my dad dressed well but he ran woman. So some things came natural but I got sick with muscular dystrophy, I got married with the disease but I didn't work out due to me not being able to keep up. But I hope 1 day they find a cure because I don't feel a woman would want me because im partially handicap. But I feel like you could take some of his advice along with godly advice. Just because you get a six figure man don't mean he's for you mentally. Ppl trying marry for money security and not long term long. Instagram messing women minds up.

  2. Instead of creating a generation of boys who turn into men. And creating a generation of girls who turn into women. That overlook todays rotten standards we regard as value. We have enough people like this gentleman whose contribution to a moral society is zero.

  3. This is Aman who does not respect women ( black women) he wouldn't allow her to speak
    Why would you find any truth I'm him when clearly he speaking for a particular type of man (narcissist). I'm going to see who his wife is or what he thinks beauty is because beauty is in the eyes of the beholder and I find this man truly ugly

  4. I seen one where the chick is admitting to him being partially right…that he motivated her to get on Herbalife…
    Research conducted shows that Herbalife fucks with kidney function..bad.
    Just do the fucking work..lazy.

  5. Kevin himself is a very insecure, bitter, unGodly, selfish, self centered man that is not able to handle a mature black , loving, confident, educated woman. He preys on very young innocent vulnerable girls with little to no life or relationship experience that he feels he can control and manipulate as well as to try and make himself look like he has got it going on. It's just a cover-up people.
    Why would ANYONE single want to listen or get advice from him?? You can see he's a bitter, insecure, divorced man that does not really know what he's looking for or wants in a woman!!
    This man doesn't know what love or truth is at all!!!…
    He is a very negative conceited person that is incapable of being with and keeping a mature black woman around his own age for any extended amount of time. If he had it together himself or knew himself how to get and keep a woman, he would have one but he doesn't.
    He see's women his age as old but can't see himself as old. Kevin, you yourself need help.
    You need Christ Jesus. Seriously, you really do.

  6. He was right, I don't understand why Woman do not understand that when they HIT!!! The wall they hit it HARD!! I am. 58 and I have twin 12 year old boy's, I have been divorced for 8 years and I am meeting Woman in their early 20 to 35 and I do really good, I don't want a woman over 35 or a woman who has her own kids that is a Fact!!!

  7. Any dude with his shit together and a bit of self respect will not ever in any circumstance raise someone else's kid.

    To me I don't care who you are, how pretty or successful or anything really, you have kids, that shit is an immediate deal breaker.

    The only kids I am ever gonna raise and support will be my own.

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