Yellowstone Season 5 Official Trailer | Paramount Network

Power has a price. What are the Duttons willing to pay? The official Yellowstone season 5 trailer is here. Don’t miss the special …
Power has a price. What are the Duttons willing to pay? The official Yellowstone season 5 trailer is here. Don’t miss the special …
Yellowstone Season 5 Official Trailer | Paramount Network
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  1. Well Season 5 became a total flop. Sounds like Sheridan purposely watered this down and turned Yellowstone into a giant ad for spin offs on Paramount Plus which equals more money for him. Welp, it was a good show until now.

  2. To quote the show, “ i do this for My Father, not me…”
    i am so very tried of having to stop watching, Yellowstone series & The other spin off shows, taking My, Lord & God’s name it vain. Earlier i was going to try again & i had to stop after Kevin Costner saying g-d 3 times in a roll… So i’m finished with it. i know people have gotten so use to hearing that all the time but i can’t allow myself to turn my ear or heart to
    accept hearing & allow it in my home not in my heart… i just wish Taylor & The cast of the show to realize that the back drop of this show is beautiful, however in the next moment you are taking the Creator of it all in vain… So i am finished & wish there were more people like me & hope we can take a powerful moment to ask that TV & The entertainment world at least in this nation to stop taking the Lords name in vain. “For God so Love the world, that He gave his only Begotten son that who so ever believeth in Him shall not Parrish but have everlasting life! God did not send His Son into the world to condemn it; but to save it. (& to Save it one soul at a time, & May God The Father Keep us all in His perfect Love & Care, this & more i pray in Christ Jesus Amen & Amen!)

  3. hey can anyone just tell me i haven't watched a single season uptil now should i start it right now without giving any second thought…?? will i be hooked up and not get bored watching this series can anyone vouch for this series ??

  4. This show has become incredibly boring and cheesy… It's so boring I cant believe it.. There is maximum one interesting plot but then they keep showing us annoying, pointless rancher activities, wranglers joking and having fun, drama in their relationships, then we go to Beth (god, someone kill off this character), and her drama about everything, then we go to the Simp-lord RIP (who was badass in the first few episodes) who is now the Simp master and follows around Beth like a good dog..

    The only thing Im interested in right now is how Jamie is going to fight his father, how Market Equities will fight back. The rest is INCREDIBLY boring…

  5. Anyone else not buy the little, old lady’s act of her being a dangerous, scary antagonist?

    Her yelling and being angry actually make me laugh because I can’t buy it.

  6. why do they make this show so fucking hard to watch?? you can't find it on Paramount + for some stupid reason, you have to go to a whole other Roko channel, which is Paramount network, and even there you can't watch the show unless you're a cable TV subscriber! i don't have cable tv, haven't had it since 2005, internet only. and i bet there's a lot more folks out there the same. i'd get it off Amazon but they keep screwing the episodes up by formatting them in Fullscreen. (you'd have to be familiar with old VHS movies to know what that is and what it looks like) . you'd think Paramount would want to make it easy for fans of the show to watch the fuckin show, but nope, no deal!

  7. They have ruined this show it’s like a soap opera now instead of it being a bunch of badass cowboys like it started it’s all about there corny relationships it’s like they make this show just for women

  8. Kevin Costner is one of my favorite actors…but I’m starting to change my opinion because of his political preferences . I don’t understand why still there’s people that likes communism.
    The regime at those countries like cuba 🇨🇺, and Venezuela 🇻🇪, where people are running from their homes, do to persecution, hunger and injustice.
    It really is a shame that this actor supports those countries .

  9. This show easily became an all time favorite, so beautifully written and I consider some characters to be the best ever created or televised. So disappointed to see they are just like every other grifter to cash in even more for season 5. How many friggen services does one have to pay for?!

  10. I'm finally caught up with my Yellowstone episodes It's Time for someone to take Beth out I mean she's getting away with so much s*** they let her walk over people like left and right

  11. Do the research. Your not a true 6th generation Montanan unless you are a poor Montanan. I am the real deal and wealthy fakers like this show portrays are the reason me and other Montanans have no land!

  12. This show is a lie. It breaks my heart not only have people like Kevin Kostner taken our ranches they make a shameful show about the wealthy. And you won't even hear me. I'm the real deal and this show is shamefull.

  13. The two biggest changes I would make to the show is that it stops making little clones of Beth every time it tries to create a "strong female" character, Beth is a great character because she is unique but every time a new "female boss" character appears they talk and act tough like little Beth clones and then Beth just ends up destroying them just to have a new one pop up next season….the second change is the Jamie bullying is getting tired…its like watching a GOT torture season but the scene appears constantly on almost every episode on every season.

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